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RE: IBC Question

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It is not completely accurate to say that "WSD no longer exists for
concrete" or that a 1/3 increase no longer applies to concrete.
Although the Alternate Design Method is no longer published in the ACI
318 Appendices, Section R1.1 of ACI 318-05 includes the statement "The
Alternate Design Method of the 1999 code may be used in place of
applicable sections of this code."  And section A.2.2 of the 1999
Appendix A for the Alternate Design Method permits a 0.75 reduction
factor when considering wind or earthquake forces. Thus, WSD with a 1/3
allowable stress increase is still permitted - it is just hidden well. 

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> ... the only material standard/code that still permits 
> the 1/3 increase even when using the alternative load combos 
> is the MSJC (masonry code) Scott Haan pointed out 
> (technically, WSD no longer exists for concrete, so there is 
> no need to use either load combination with concrete as you 
> will use the factored load combos).

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