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RE: SOG foundations

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a) I always call it out as 6”.  There is a blurb in the code (2304.11.2.2) that mentions this in regards to pressure treatment of sheathing and sill plates.

b) 2” – 4” from what I’ve seen is common.  I’ve never seen 0” on new construction, only after it’s been lived in and landscaped.


~~ Eli ~~


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Wednesday, June 22, 2005 10:08 AM
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Subject: RE: SOG foundations


Typically on plans it isn’t shown, but when I have seen it, it’s about 2” to 3”.


In the field, it’s usually flush or zero.




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Subject: SOG foundations


When designing residential slab-on-ground foundations,  what is the typical distance between the top of slab elevation and the finished grade elevation:


a.  As typically shown on the plans

b.  As typically actually built


Gail Kelley