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Re: Alquist Priolo Occupancy

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Paul Feather wrote:
I am not "asking the Architect", I am responding to the Architects design as shown on the entitlement drawings.  The geotech provides for a 25 foot set back as
On a separate note, this is precisely the type of technical issue the Architect is supposed to address.  The architect is responsible for developing a plan that complies with all the site constraints: view corridors, setbacks, ADA, egress, FAR, zoning and occupancy, along with area separations, fire requirements, and so on.  How can you think the Architect is not supposed to be an expert on legal and technical issues?  Who do you think is supposed to be responsible for all these issues?
Hi Paul,
I agree. Architect is supposed to be the expert on the project, and should be responsible for the overall design as he is managing the project. But not always in the court of law - for example see the past ruiling by the court on a case regarging ADA (accessibility), where architect himself drew the non-compliant plans, but the court decided that everybody in the team (including the contractor) is guilty but NOT the architect. Just a word of caution. Our professional organization is not as strong as others.

Suresh Acharya, S.E.
Richmond, CA