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Re: Naturally Durable Wood--was SOG foundations

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You may want to be specific as what you classify as "...used to any
extent".  Do you strictly mean used for stick-framing of conventional wood
construction?  Or even more specifically for sill plates of stick-framed

I say this because if you are talking in very general terms, then some
"naturally durable" woods (relatively speaking) are used quite often for
some things.  White Oak, for example, is commonly used for timber framing
(i.e. large timbers with "traditional" jointery).  We use other woods as
well (such as DougFir), but White (and Red, which is less durable than
White) Oak is primarly what we use.  We also do use "exotic" woods such
such as Western Red Cedar on occasion when a client wants it.


Adrian, MI

On Sat, 25 Jun 2005 GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Just out of curiosity,  are "naturally durable" woods used to any extent?
> Are any cost-competitive with treated woods?
> Are there other advantages that justify a higher cost?
> (Although the USS Constitution is highly recommended as a sight to see in
> Boston,  it's not that helpful as an example of framing lumber.  Walking across
> the Charles River on the locks is also highly recommended.)
> Gail Kelley

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