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RE: Structurally vs. Cosmetic Damage

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I don’t know of generally accepted or legal definitions of either.  When I need to use the term ‘structural damage’ in a report, I mean damage that has 1] reduced the strength of a structural member, or that has 2] produced some increment of change in a progression toward instability [such as tilting of a wall or column that brings P-delta into consideration.  Engineers who deal with kinds of structures that I don’t have experience with may be able to add to the list I’ve started.


I don’t use the term ‘cosmetic damage’.  Non-structural damage is a more useful term, which I take to mean damage that is not structural damage.


Nels Roselund, SE

South San Gabriel, CA


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Subject: Structurally vs. Cosmetic Damage


Is there a generally accepted definition of 'structural damage' from subgrade movement,  specifically movement due to expansive clays?


Is there a corresponding definition of 'cosmetic damage'?


I can think of examples of both types of damage, but I am wondering if there is a definition used for legal puposes.



Gail Kelley