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Seismic and snow

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Food for thought.  

I just designed a building that had a 100psf flat snow load, with a high
seismic area (SDC = D).  The building was of light frame construction with
wood shear walls.  I added the twenty percent of the snow into the design
base shear as prescribed by code.  Then when I designed my shear walls the
controlling load combo for uplift was 0.6*D + 0.7*E.  Here is my question,
another engineer I talked to mentioned using twenty percent of the snow load
in addition to the dead load for the uplift design.  His reasoning was 'if
the snow has been added to the seismic base shear then it will be there for
the uplift also'.  This makes sense to me, however I cannot find anything in
the code that would say this is ok.

Your comments would be helpful.


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