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Re: Seismic and snow

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] This would assume (re: storage) that the building is never vacant. While the owner would certainly strive for such a condition, market forces do not always cooperate. (What would the symbol for market forces be for load combinations? Maybe 0.6D+0.6*(0.2*S or 0.4$)+.7*E ?)


Paul Feather wrote:

I agree. This is similar to the question with regard to including storage loads in seismic. If a portion of the storage load is included for the lateral, it should also be included for the overturning.

Paul Feather PE, SE
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I think you can use the snow included in seismic weight to resist overturning with the load combinations that exist. I have had people argue with me if you have to use snow in seismic weight then you should be able to use that portion being included in seismic weight to reduce overturning. It seems


The E has a .2*Sds*(D+.2*S) vertical reducing the .6D.

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