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RE: Seismic and snow

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Along these lines of odds and probabilities, what
would someone say the odds are for a 7.3(?) eqk to hit
during a typhoon blowing 160+ mph winds?  Apparently,
that happened a few years back, around 2000, in the

To chime in, in the Tahoe area even at lake level,
you'll have snow for close to 6 months of the year. 
Just the other day, there was a 4.9 eqk near Truckee
(north of Lake Tahoe) that threw items off of store
shelves.  Now, imagine if that hit in February with a
few feet of snow on top of a primo 6,000s.f. lakefront
estate with "structural" glass fronting the Lake?

But, I digress...

David Topete, S.E.

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> The odds that *any* snow is present during an
> earthquake are very long,
> even when you have high snow loads like this.  I
> have read at least one
> statistical study (can't remember a name at the
> moment though, sorry)
> which looked at roof snow loads in place during
> earthquakes.  Your odds
> of keeping your money in Las Vegas are much better.
> I'm no statistician, but whenever I read about the
> probability of such
> and such a load combination happening I think back
> to the early '70s and
> how the Hood Canal (Washington) Floating Bridge was
> sunk by an
> incredible combination of a low, ebbing tide and
> winds blowing exactly
> down a very long and narrow natural "canal" to
> develop enough fetch to
> produce high enough waves to swamp the concrete
> pontoon bridge and sink
> it.  I doubt the design engineers considered such a
> long shot (so to
> speak) in their calculations.
> Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
> Richmond CA USA
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