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Re: Seismic and snow

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Remember, these kind of events fall outside of the design parameters. We have had a snow event in Blacksburg in the last 40 years which significantly exceeded the (50 year) loads dictated in ASCE 7. In fact, there's a 2 percent probability of getting a larger-than-code snow or wind load in any given year. Local contractors tend to complain fiercely about having to design for a 90mph hurricane gust, when they rarely happen. I suspect they would rather match the load requirement with their statute of repose...(ten or twelve years here in VA).

David Topete wrote:

Along these lines of odds and probabilities, what
would someone say the odds are for a 7.3(?) eqk to hit
during a typhoon blowing 160+ mph winds?  Apparently,
that happened a few years back, around 2000, in the
To chime in, in the Tahoe area even at lake level,
you'll have snow for close to 6 months of the year. Just the other day, there was a 4.9 eqk near Truckee
(north of Lake Tahoe) that threw items off of store
shelves.  Now, imagine if that hit in February with a
few feet of snow on top of a primo 6,000s.f. lakefront
estate with "structural" glass fronting the Lake?

But, I digress...

David Topete, S.E.

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