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FW: Steel-Detail: Flexible wind moments

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I am forwarding this query (that I cannot answer) from another list.
Can anyone enlighten both the author and myself?


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Subject: Steel-Detail: Flexible wind moments - almost finished

In ASD solution to flexible wind moments - plated flange connection - there
is no calculation for compressive strength of compression flange plate.
In LRFD solution there is.

For the formula Kl/r, The length "l" is taken as 3/4 inch, the beam setback
plus 1/4 tolerance.  This is for the welded plate.

If I bolt the plate, do I increase "l" to the first bolt line? In other
words 1.5bA? Or is it the same 3/4 inch?  In the example, why is "l" set at
3/4 inch and not 1.5bA (the unrestrained portion of the plate) on the welded

Ron Yeager

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