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Re: FW: Steel-Detail: Flexible wind moments

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Dave/Ron -

I would increase the buckling length to the CL of the first bolt from
the face of the beam, including true-position tolerance of the bolt
being offset in the first hole.  That will give you the maximum buckling
length for the plate.  I would also be sure to treat the plate as
fixed-pinned, assuming it's welded to the column flange.

I don't have my LRFD manual with me just now, so I can't comment on
where the 3/4" number comes from.  I am just guessing, but I wonder
if the author didn't just consider the plate buckling *towards* the
beam flange instead of also possibly away?  How far away from the
beam end does the flange plate weld begin?

I freely admit I don't know much at all about ASD.

Just my opinion,


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