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Re: Post-Tensioning Repair

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The magazine is available to everyone at: 
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Subject: Re: Post-Tensioning Repair

Please advise if article can be downloaded from some site.
This would be quite usefull for non U.S members of this list.
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Subject: Post-Tensioning Repair

For those who are looking for an opportunity to be critical:
I have an article on post-tensioning repair coming out in the July issue of Structure magazine,  which I think anyone who belongs to an SEA gets. 
If anyone reading it has questions, comments, or criticisms,  please feel free to make them known (either publicly or privately.)
It was intended to be a very basic introduction to post-tensioning repair, but I was somewhat limited by the allowable length.  I didn't explain some things very well and I left some important things out,  but as it was, the article was about twice as long as they told me to make it.
I can address comments, questions, and criticisms in a second article.
Gail Kelley