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Re: Post-Tensioning Repair

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Actually it seems like it is free on-line.  Or at least the current issue is.
If you go to and click on "Current Issue",  it brings up the June issue, which is something like cold-formed steel.  You can bring up any of the articles.
Gail Kelley 
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Subject: Re: Post-Tensioning Repair

One should note, that a subscription for someone outside the US is $90 (I
believe).  If you are interested, then the link that Gail gave will take
to the magazine's website where you can fillout a subscription form.  For
those in the US and who are members of one of NCSEA's member organizations
(one of the many SEAs around the county), a "designated" member of company
that is a member of CASE (i.e. your company "lists" you as an employee,
etc under their CASE membership), or is an individual member of SEI, then
you get a subscription for free.


Adrian, MI

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> The magazine is available to everyone at:
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> Subject: Re: Post-Tensioning Repair
> Gail,
> Please advise if article can be downloaded from some site.
> This would be quite usefull for non U.S members of this list.
> regards
> j.n.sigalas
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> Subject: Post-Tensioning Repair
> For those who are looking for an opportunity to be critical:
> I have an article on post-tensioning repair coming out in the July issue of 
Structure magazine,  which I think anyone who belongs to an SEA gets.
> If anyone reading it has questions, comments, or criticisms,  please feel free 
to make them known (either publicly or privately.)
> It was intended to be a very basic introduction to post-tensioning repair, but 
I was somewhat limited by the allowable length.  I didn't explain some things 
very well and I left some important things out,  but as it was, the article was 
about twice as long as they told me to make it.
> I can address comments, questions, and criticisms in a second article.
> Gail Kelley

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