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Engineering unification

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Some time ago I started an e-mail distribution list similar to a listservice like the SEAINT list. The difference is that some of the members  on the list do not have the skills or understanding of Listservices to subscribe and manage incoming e-mail.
I noticed that some of you are recommending projects to others and I certainly commend you on your effort. In the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs California area) I started a group called the CVSEA or Coachella Valley Structural Engineering Associates and have organized a group of 12 other members who are linked by e-mail. Our goal is to keep the work that we can not take in the valley by offering it to another engineer. It appears to be working as I have called some of the potential clients that have contacted me and they have received calls from engineers who are on our list and have been contacted by phone by a few of them.
I would recommend this service to anyone and try to limit the area to possibly twenty miles. In that 20 mile radius around the point you pick you should be able to find a number of engineers you can have participate. We all receive calls from clients that we are too busy to help, but if we spent an additional few minutes to post the client on our lists we can accommodate the clients without going too far outside of the project range.
I'd like to hear more from those of you who have tried this and even create links to groups that I can recommend on the Structuralist.Net website. Please e-mail me privately to let me know if this method of peer-helping-peer is working in your area and what some of  your suggestions might be to improve the service.

Thank you in advance for thinking of a peer-to-peer service that intends to help the public.I am pleased when we can keep our profession in the public eye by providing services or helping them find engineers that can help with their problems.

Dennis S. Wish PE


Dennis S. Wish, PE
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