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Form release oil

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Thanks for responding.  Is WD40 diesel fuel?  I
figured it was just a light oil mixed with a solvent. 
Anyway, we used plain ol' 10W30 motor oil on the
forms, they came off very nicely.

The concrete pour was a disaster!  The area was
8'x40', by the time we finished pouring, the concrete
had set up on the far end.  I tried to bull float it,
but it just scraped along the top without indentation.
 Within 2 hours of the start of pouring, a 4 legged
chair + 230 lb man (OK, 250 lb, no reason to lie to
you) wouldn't leave a mark.  Got the worst of the
ridges knocked down with hoes and shovels.  Next day
applied muratic acid, which exposed the aggregate
fairly well.

Next time I'll add water until we're working with


--- Tom Skaggs <tom.skaggs(--nospam--at)> wrote:

Sorry I missed your pour, but for what it's worth:
I traded e-mails with one of our members who
specializes in plywood concrete form.  According to
him, they DO NOT recommend using Diesel as a release
agent.  The quality of the finish is apparently
compromised and VOC laws "do not allow it's use
anymore" (I've not confirmed the law..).  His
perspective is maintaining a forming product for
multiple pours, even more if the concrete form has an
HDO overlay.  They recommend using Nox-crete, and in
fact apply Nox-crete at the plywood plant.  Contact
is: 1-800-Nox-crete for your local distributor.  I'm
sure there other release agents that work well to, so
I'm not endorsing Nox-crete...

Given the scope of your project, I'd think Nox-crete
might not be necessary.  But as a general release
agent, some companies might frown on using Diesel on
their products.

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> From: John Riley [mailto:jpriley485(--nospam--at)] 
> Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 21:51
> To: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Form release oil
> I'm pouring a 4" exposed aggregate patio on
> Saturday. 
> Well, 3 1/2", because the forms are 2x4.  I want to
> reuse the forms and
> am wondering if I'd be doing damage to the concrete
> if I used WD40 as a
> release oil . . . I buy it by the gallon anyway and
> it is handy.
> Today I purchased the retarder to spray on the
> exposed surface for $60
> per 5 gallons and the sealer that makes it all shine
> nicely at $90 per 5
> gallons.  I don't want to be thrice bitten by
> purchasing special form
> release oil that is probably WD40 anyway.
> John P. Riley	

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