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Re: Use sheetpiles for Shearwall

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Why not weld all of the interlocks together?  If you
have 10 or 15 feet exposed and accessible to weld, you
could develop a lot of shear between the sheets.

There is a lot of information in the literature on
circular cells regarding sheet pile interlock
friction, but all of that pertains to flat sheets
under in-plane tension; you don't have that situation.
 I wouldn't count on any  interlock friction in your

Regarding "stretching" the Z... I suppose that will
depend on how you deliver the shear to the sheets.  If
you have a "drag strut" that delivers the shear to the
top of each sheet, or to each side of each
sheet...will they "stretch"?

As an analogy: plate girders with corrugated webs come
to mind; their "z-shaped" webs carry shear.  Google
AISC and "corrugated web" ...there was a recent AISC
journal article on the subject.    Might be worth
looking into...

d a v e e v a n s

I have a question on sheet pile wall:


Can we use a Z-shaped sheet pile wall to resist
seismic shear (In-Plan)?
The sheet pile wall will protrude above the ground
about 10 to 15 feet.
Normally, the primary purpose of the sheet pile wall
was designed for
"Out of Plan" bending as a retaining wall.   However,
in this case the
sheet pile wall will be used as a shearwall.  The
sheetpiles will be
driven into an average to poor fill levee in the
California delta area. 


What our concern is the shear may stretch the Z-shape
pile and does not
take the design shear.  Also, the interlock joints
between each sheet
piles are not vertically connected together and
assumed it will slip
when applying the horizontal seismic shear loads.


Originally I thought the interface between soil and
sheet pile at the
potential failure surface is much weaker than the
sheet pile itself. 


If anyone designed it before or has experience, please


Thank you in advance,


Kenneth Liu, SE


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