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Re: Canadian license "plan stamping" rules

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I can't speak for other provinces, but in Ontario you
are allowed to "plan stamp" others drawings, provided
you exercise due care and diligence. I don't have a copy
of the Professional Engineers of Ontario regs on this
particular matter so I am relying on my memory (it looks
like Swiss cheese).  You can't seal drawings prepared by
other engineers or architects.  However, if Elmer Fudd
Construction has drawings prepared by their draftsmen,
I can seal those drawings after carefully vetting them.
Also, anyone can prepare drawings for "small buildings 
and housing" -under 6400 sq ft and not over 3 stories.
The municipal building departments can accept or reject
these drawings and these days it seems more of the
latter, in which case they show up on my doorstep.
   Curious that I was talking to an acquaintance in
New York City about this a few days ago and he was
saying that some states, e.g. New Jersey, allow "plan
stamping"--we call it rubber stamping which I think is
more descriptive.
    I think those states that say the drawings have to
be prepared under the direct supervision of an engineer
licensed there are really engaged in protecting their
own turf.  The federal government here sent letters to
all the provincial associations about 20 years ago
saying that they could not do anything which interfered
with free competitive enterprise--it did away with fixed
fee schedules and opened up the associations to P. Eng.
members who were not resident, but had the proper
qualifications, except Quebec which is still different
-ah, the French-vive la difference and today is Bastille
   One last thought about those states which ban plan
stamping, I bet if General Motors came knocking with a
set of drawings prepared elsewhere, they would a way to
use those plans so fast your head would spin.
   Hope this 2 cents and then some helps.

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