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RE: Gypsum Roof Plank Load Tables

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USG developed the product and developed the ICBO Research Report 1683 last dated September 1980. After that, the product rights were bought by Georgia Pacific, but they never revised the Research Report and the ICBO Research Report was cancelled in 1981.

The ICBO report listed a table II for "Total Allowable Vertical Load in Pounds per Square Foot". The capacity was a function of the "Style" and span. For a 6'-0" span the allowable total load varied vrom 39 psf (1 3/4") to 110 psf (3 1/2"). The 2" system at a 6'-0" span varied from 53 psf to 88 psf depending on the "Style".

Flintkote also manufactured Insulrock in the 1970's. But they haven't manufactured that in years and went bankrupt in 2004.

Harold Sprague

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Subject: Gypsum Roof Plank Load Tables
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:25:01 -0500

USG manufactured 2" thick, 15" wide water resistant, precast gypsum roof
plank in the early 70's.  The plank were reinforced with a 16 ga. wire mat
and the edges were reinforced with galvanized T&G channels.  Does anyone
have load tables for this plank or similar plank by other manufacturers?

Roger C. Davis


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