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Protecting an exterior slab

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Hi Jim:
Regular stains in the slab with hairline cracks sound very suspicious to me.  Since you mentioned water infiltration, it may be the beginnings of rusting rebar with expansion, cracking, spalling as the future for this slab.   Not good.  This effect may be in the process.  The cracks may try to open further in the next months, even with the waterproof topping.  This may effect the new waterproof deck material.  If Dex-O-Tex has a product which can act as a slip sheet under the new waterproof membrane, this may be advisable.  I would check with a tech. rep. from the manufacturer with this question. 
If there is nothing available, (or if other indicators are present) you may want to advise your client of the risk, and ask them to decide about whether to remove/replace cracked concrete topping and rusted rebar.  If this is the choice, the extent of the rusting in the steel deck will be exposed. 
Feels like dominoes.  (Don't mean to treat the subject lightly.)  You have been asked to jump on a moving train (so to speak).
I love the old cliches. 
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