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Rectifying faulty beveling in Moment connection

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Some W18 beams were to be connected to the column
flanges using a field butt welded moment connection.
The beam flanges were beveled.
A rat hole and  backing strip was provided.
Full details were shown in the detail dwgs.
The column webs have stiffeners.
Our dwgs are OK.

At the shop in some cases the beveling of the beam
flanges was not done properly.
What must have been a Charlie Chaplin/Laurel & Hardy
team in the shop tried to rectify this.
You guessed right.
They made it worse.
The beams were erected  with a gap of about 1" instead
of the customary 1/4" between the column flange face
and the tip of the root of the bevel.
The web of the beam is cut okay.
The shear connection is with a single shear plate and
there was no problem erecting the beams.

We received a late night (at our end) call and we were
asked to quickly improvise some rectification sketch
for the flange butt weld for the engineer's approval.
We responded immediately and sent out a sketch that
would have compensated for this gap.
Our proposal was to externally thicken the column
flange locally to compensate for the gap.

We indicated two plates (one for the top flange and
one for the bottom).
These were  3/4" thick, 2" in the vertical direction,
with a horizontal length equal to a little less than
the column flange to permit all round welding of this
plate to the column flange.
These two plates would locally thicken the column
flanges  at the levels of the beam flanges, to make up
the gap.
A continuous column flange plate equal to the full
depth of the beam would have necessitated removing the
shear tab which we wanted to avoid.

Words can't substitute a good sketch.
I am willing to send a sketch in pdf format to any one
who is interested and asks.

We now learn that the field staff were in a tearing
Time and tide wait for no man.
Likewise dare-devil erection gangs wait for no
sketches from detailers or approvals from engineers.
They simply proceeded to fill the gap with a most
generous dose of butt weld.
The inspector has understandably rejected this with
all the contempt he could muster.

I am sure the client will send another SOS to  us
What can be done now?
I am thinking of asking them to leave the butt welds
in place after grinding them smooth,  and provide new
flange plates and butt weld them to the column flanges
and fillet weld them to the beam flanges.
I am also drafting a mercy petition on behalf of our

There were seven of these beams but not all were
messed up.
Any other ideas?
G Vishwanth
Bangalore, India

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