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Re: Sequence of girt installation

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I don't see a way around having the steel people come
back to the job.  What I do to avoid interference with
the masons installing the vert rebar is leave out the
sill girt (which has slotted holes in the end conn)
and have the masons install embedded plates or embedded
bolts in the top course at approx 4 ft ctrs. The girt
comes with slotted holes in it also at approx 4 ft ctrs.
The girt is laid over the anchors or weld plates and
then welded or bolted in place.  The embedded plates
work better as you can use over-size holes and just
weld.  The contractors who have dealt it with seem to
like it--as least they haven't complained.

On 14 Jul 2005 at 10:41, Rich Lewis wrote:

> I am detailing a pre-engineered metal building that has an 8" CMU wall
> to +12'-8" AFF, then metal panel wall.  The wall bypasses the rigid
> frames.  I have a steel channel at the top of the wall where the CMU
> transitions to steel panel.  I was wondering about the best way to
> detail this, considering timing of construction.
> If I assume all the steel members and girts will be erected first,
> then the masonry constructed, I see difficulty getting the last course
> of masonry installed.  I would like to grout the top course solid and
> anchor it to the steel channel.  If I assume the rigid frames go up
> first, and then the masonry wall, and then the wall girts, the steel
> erector must come out to the site twice, which is not cost effective. 
> If the masonry goes up first it is in the way of the steel erector,
> plus I want to tie the wall to the columns with ties.
> A solution I can think of is to not connect the top channel girt to
> the columns, but let it hang in place with threaded sag rods.  After
> the masonry is installed the girt can be lowered and attached to the
> columns.
> Any other suggestions on how to sequence this?
> Thanks.
> Rich

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