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RE: Wood, masonry & moisture

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Read IBC 2304.11.2.2.  It does not require treated wood at all locations in contact with concrete or masonry.  With the corrosion issues of ACQ treated wood, I have stopped using treated wood unless required to or I think it is a situation where I think it will do more good than harm.


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Subject: Wood, masonry & moisture


Hello all,


Has anyone observed any moisture-related problems with a wood ledger attached to the face of a concrete masonry wall?  The Code specifies pressure-treatment or natural resistance to decay for wood bearing on masonry in contact with earth or for wood members penetrating into masonry, but I can't find any sections that regulate wood ledgers attached to the face of masonry walls in this regard.  I've done a number of investigations of older buildings and the wood ledgers are always in fine condition, so I would suspect that even possible condensation really doesn't affect the ledgers negatively.


Any thoughts, observations, etc. would be welcome.


Thanks (Happy Friday),

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