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Re: Off Topic - Banff

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I assume that while in the "area" that you plan on heading into the "rest"
of Canadian Rockies National Parks from Banff (I assume you are referring
ot the city...which is kind of the southern portion of Banff National
Park).  If not...

I would suggest trying to see some of the glacial lakes.  The "famous" one
is Lake Louise.  It will be packed with tourist...and has the a historic
hotel there.  Personally, I liked Moraine Lake (a very beautiful
teal/emerald green lake) and Emerald Lake (there is a really nice lodge
there, but it is expensive and I believe must be booked WAY in
advance...the lake is a spectacular emerald green).  There is also Peyto
Lake (did not have chance to see that myself, but the have picture of it
that I bought).

Also near Lake Louise, you can goto/cross the continental divide.  There
are some nice ice field that you can see as you drive north of Lake Louise
toward Jasper (i.e. cross the pass the kind of connects Banff National
Park to Jasper National Park).

If you go up to Jasper, then you can take the "lift" up the moutain for
some spectacular views.

There are a number of hot springs that you can enjoy.  There is at least
one in the city of Banff, if I recall correctly (a sulphur hot springs if
I remember).  There are others up further in the parks.

Hope that helps some.

The Canadian Rockies are one of my favorite places to visit along with
Glacier National Park in Montana.

Adrian, MI

On Fri, 15 Jul 2005, Paul Feather wrote:

> My wife and I will be visiting Banff in September.  My first trip to Canada, and I was wondering if anyone familiar with the area has any "must see" or "great restaurant" recommendations.  Please feel free to respond offline.
> Thanks,
> Paul Feather PE, SE
> pfeather(--nospam--at)

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