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Re: Off Topic - Banff

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My wife and I went to this area for our honeymoon last August.
We'll be back as soon as we can scam enough vacation time.  ;-)

Right, well since Daryl mentioned BC, I'll chime in about Yoho.
While I agree that the Banff/Jasper area is not to be missed
(I really enjoyed a docent guided hike up around the Lake Louise
area), I personally preferred Yoho.

Two major things made Yoho preferable to me.  Fewer tourists
-- Yes, I know my wife and I increased the count by two.  ;-) -- and
more wildlife.  For all the press that the Bow Valley Parkway gets
about animal sightings, we saw more wildlife at closer range (a bull
elk suprised us coming around a corner of the trail at one point) in
Yoho.  Depending on how much time you have and your outdoor activity
inclinations, you might also walk up to the Plain of the Six
Glaciers near Lake Louise (15k-ish round trip from the end of the lake
nearest the hotel).  The scenery was outstanding, but we apparently
hit a nice clear day.  We got great views of several small avalanches.
The teahouse was okay, if a bit pricey, and hot tea at the end of a
rather drizzly walk was quite welcome.

There is a good B&B (actually renting someone's renovated basement)
complete with private kitchen, bath and one bedroom (fold out couch
as well) in Field, although the nearest groceries were in Banff.
I think it's called the Wildflower Guesthouse.  We stopped to see the
Spiral Tunnels on our way over the divide.  There weren't that many
tourists as it was quite rainy that day, but the trains were interesting.

There was a pretty good Greek restaurant in Banff.  I can't seem to
recall their name, but it was relatively close to the Red Carpet Inn
(?) in town I believe.

We used one of the Moon Handbook guides to plan our trip, and we weren't disappointed (except by the fact that we only had a couple of weeks to go walkabout).

Enjoy the trip.


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