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Re: California Plan Stamping

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On Jul 17, 2005, at 1:09 PM, Scott Maxwell wrote:

a PE Board can only directly
take actions against those that they "oversee" (i.e. PEs)
That isn't a completely accurate statement of the Board's responsibility, at least in Minnesota. The law goes as follows--

326.111 Issuance, denial, revocation, and suspension of licenses and certificates; discipline.

Subdivision 1. Generally. (a) If the board, or the complaint committee if authorized by the board, has a reasonable basis to believe that a person has engaged in an act or practice constituting the unauthorized practice of architecture, engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, geoscience, or the unauthorized use of the title certified interior designer, or a violation of a statute, rule, or order that the board has issued or is empowered to enforce, the board, or the complaint committee if authorized by the board, may proceed as described in subdivisions 2 and 3.

'violation of a statute, rule or order' includes unlicensed practice. The duties of the board go a bit further than just 'overseeing' licensed practice and includes enforcement action against unlicensed practice as covered in the law.
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