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Re: General Dowel Equations

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I work for a timber framer (they also do Structural Insulated Panels)
which does "traditional" style joints for many
applications (unless the forces at the joints get too high in which case
we will use "hidden" steel plates with stainless steel drift pins that
are hidden by wood pegs/plugs or the client wants visible steel
connectors).  In our case, we basically make use of the NDS equations and
other connection provision.  The main difference is that the use of oak
pegs (which is what a lot of timber framers use even when they use other
species for the timber frame) will introduce another failure mode to that
standard ones that are in the NDS (i.e. mode Im, Is, II, etc).  This
failure mode is the failure of the oak peg itself.

FWIW, there is a pre-standard that is being worked on by Dick Schmidt of
hte University of Wyoming (he has done research testing on timber framing
joints).  It is basically making use of the NDS provisions with some
slight modifications (i.e. adjusting things to deal with the use of wood
dowels rather than steel/metal dowels).  I don't know where it stands at
this point.  It is being sponsered by the Timber Framers Guild, I believe.

As to oak pin data, I should be able to dig something up for you.  If you
give me a fax number I should be able to locate a table with some values
that we use (things a little messy at the moment in my office as I have
been working on getting my other computer running again [my less than 1
year Dell's hard drive bit the dust...fortunately, I had not fully
transitioned to it...mainly used it for games! <grin>]).

I would be glad to help out in anyway that I can.

Adrian, MI

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005, Avicpeng wrote:

> I am designing a "traditional" structure, using mortice-tenon connection details.
> 1)    Is it reasonable to use the "General Dowel Equations for Calculating Lateral Connection Values", AF&PA Report 12 for assessing connections using oak dowels and pins?
> 2)    Does anyone have design data for oak pins/dowels?
> Thor Tandy P.Eng
> Victoria, BC
> Canada
> vicpeng(--nospam--at)

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