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RE: Unlicensed firms and engineers

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What fascinates me is that over 90% of the Florida disciplinary activity involves residential projects.  This in a state where up until just a few years ago, it was unheard of to have signed and sealed plans for a house, even right on the beach. 
I don't remember the specific details, but one disciplinary action a year or two ago was for a licensed engineer charged with violations on plans for his own house!
M. David Finley, P.E.
(FL PE 40119 and in my "early 40's")
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Subject: Unlicensed firms and engineers

I just got my FL Board of PE newsletter and they are out and out NAILING people against the wall down here. And I am loving it! Except for the fact that a guy got a $500 fine (a lot for the board fines) and 6 month license suspension for not dating a sheet? I am guessing this means not dating your signature when you seal... But that has to be because he did some other stuff wrong but that was the easiest, like a plea to a lesser charge thing. I would hope. Because we are all forgetful at times and when you are signing 15 sheets times 10 sets things can happen.
What bothered me was the number of "low" numbered licenses that were in trouble. I am 60993 and I just got mine. My bosses in the past were in their mid-40s and were in the 40000 range. I saw lots of 10s and 20s being nailed to the wall. If these are issues of incompetency, are people practicing past their "prime", getting lazy, or have they not kept up with the times and now do not know what they are doing?
I hope there is not a trend of retired engineers doing anything for a buck, but I have a feeling (from rumors here and there), that quite a few semi to fully retired PEs are stamping whatever some Contractor puts in front of them for a couple hundred bucks. Plus this is FL and we have lots of older people (God bless them), and it is probably not that hard to get reciprocity.
 Have others been asked questions from contractors like how much to stamp a dwg or sheet? Man that question pi$$es me off. That is like asking a Doc for a prescription and how much is that, when he has not seen you or heard your symptoms. Is it that people think that we are charging big bucks to stamp computer generated sheets and then spending the rest of the day on the greens, drinking Martinis while the rest of the world really works??
Andrew Kester, PE
Lake Mary, FL