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Re: Unlicensed firms and engineers

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Andrew Kester, P.E. wrote:
<snip> Have others been asked questions from contractors like how much to stamp a dwg or sheet? Man that question pi$$es me off. That is like asking a Doc for a prescription and how much is that, when he has not seen you or heard your symptoms. Is it that people think that we are charging big bucks to stamp computer generated sheets and then spending the rest of the day on the greens, drinking Martinis while the rest of the world really works?? <snip>
Well, I'm not sure I'd like to be put in the same categories as doctors writing prescriptions, since most of them don't really read the literature (or, at least, don't inform the patient of the details) and tend to prescribe whatever the pharm marketers have papercliped to the football tickets, but I digress....

I'm amazed to find out how many people generally don't know that stamping a set of plans is the result of a design, not a separate service we offer.  Even my wife said that her company might contact me to seal some drawings for buildings which were designed and built in North Carolina (by a NC PE), but which they wanted to erect here in Virginia. This is from a rather large corporation that does a great deal of (mostly residential) construction and management.  Nobody in her office realized that what they wanted to have me do was illegal. There is a common misconception, aided by the plan-stamping architects and engineers out there, that plan-stamping is a legitimate service. Most people assume that it is the equivalent of a private consultant reviewing a set of documents for compliance, and required because the town or county planning office is to lazy or too risk-averse to do it themselves.

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