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Re: 16d Common vs 16d Sinker vs 16d Short

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Gary -

I certainly agree about the 16d shorts.  As far as the
common vs GVS, I have some sorta peripheral data that might
help in reaching a decision:

There was a paper in the 1997 SEAOC Convention Proceedings that
compared performance of 8d common (hand driven) vs 8d box
(gun driven) in 3/8 and 15/32 (Str I and CDX ply) at 3/12 spacing
for shear walls.  One of the things they found was that the box
nails had less of a tendency to pull through at high demand, likely
due to the head shape.  Withdrawal was one of the common failure
modes for the box nails which was uncommon for common nails.

If I recall, the hysteretic envelope curves for box vs common
were within scatter of one another out to around 1-1/4" drift on an
1:1 8'-0" panel for the 3/8 CDX and all 15/32 specimens.  For
3/8 Str I, the commons had a higher capacity at low drift but fell
off sharply (crossed the box nail envelopes) around the point where
the box nails peaked out.

I may have a scan of the paper around here somewhere if you don't
have the proceedings.

What is the application?  Are the nails predominantly in shear or
in withdrawal?

For my $0.02, I'd probably allow it unless I had reason to believe
that the calcs were close (3.1" spacing clacked, 3" spacing spec'd)
or if I really expected the last 1/4" of nail embedment to provide
a significant withdrawal capacity.


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