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RE: Unlicensed firms and engineers

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It comes down to liability, plain and simple.  When
people see a stamp on a set of drawings or
calculations, they are "reassured" that the
information presented therein is up to "code."  That
person stamping drawings should be doing with the
confidence that if the project is built correctly,
there should be no problems.  Should something fail,
the name on that stamp is legally liable.

Yes, many structures throughout Europe are older than
many nations.  However, a lot of them are overbuilt
and massive, and many are not necessarily prone to
many natural disasters.

Without a stamp, who becomes liable for a structure
that fails?  Too often, people such as contractors or
designers will advertise such design services, use a
fake stamp, get PAID, then set up shop elsewhere under
a different name.  They flat out don't care about
providing a quality product, because they are more
interested in making money...  Sick, but it happens
too often...

My $0.02...

--- Kevin Polin <KevinPolin(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> Dear Board,
> "I'm amazed to find out how many people generally
> don't know that
> stamping a set of plans is the result of a design,
> not a separate
> service we offer."
> I am amazed that you do not see this as a legitimate
> business
> opportunity.
>  "There is a common misconception, aided by the
> plan-stamping architects
> and engineers out there, that plan-stamping is a
> legitimate service.
> Most people assume that it is the equivalent of a
> private consultant
> reviewing a set of documents for compliance, and
> required because the
> town or county planning office is to lazy or too
> risk-averse to do it
> themselves."
> I do not want to get flamed here but maybe you
> should reconsider your
> thinking. If a geotechnical engineer gives you a
> recommendation and you
> follow the recommendation then that's an accepted
> form a business.
> If an engineering firm writes a report based on a
> recommendation and you
> review the recommendation and agree with the
> recommendation and stamp
> it, that's Illegal? The engineering firm may not
> have "registered" or
> "professional" in their name but the calculations
> are either good or
> they are not.
> That makes no sense to me.
> Engineers use the same applications and use the same
> mathematical
> formulas to determine their calculations. Europeans
> build some of the
> best structures in the world but just because they
> are not licensed in
> the state of California then their calculations are
> no good, come on.
> Kevin Polin

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