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RE: FBC Standards

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If that area gets a hit with a full force wind then it will really be nasty.  Ivan did tremendous damage, but I think the winds were only around 110 when it came ashore.  These storms seems to sit right off the coast at about 140 and then just drop like crazy as they hit that shallow water.  I'm mainly speaking to the MS/AL/NWFL shoreline.
I was in a mandatory evac for Dennis while attending an ACEC meeting in Destin.  9 miles of travel in 2:15.  That was fun.

John Jones, PE, SE
Board Certified Structural Engineer
Barnett · Jones · Wilson, LLC
Pell City & Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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After last year's canes that hit the FL panhandle, and after Dennis I am sure too, there was media discussion on how that area had lobbied hard to get the standards lowered when the FBC was being written. If you look at a current wind map in the FBC it does not make sense. Pay particular close to the Big Bend region, or the "arm-pit" on the Gulf side (only a geographic description), and there are wind contour lines that seem to bend a bit, and a big dashed line which means "EXCEPTION" to the wind-borne debris requirements. This area also has some coastal properties owned by Tallahassee politicians. Just my conspiracy theory.......
The paper said those areas were literally paying the price for those lowered standards. It would be nice to see insurance companies lobby against the builders and politicians pushing through lower standards. It would be a smart investment on their part.
Andrew Kester, PE
Lake Mary, FL