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Plan stampers

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A rhetorical question about the "illegality" of plan
stamping - 

Why do some inspectors require small project design
AND fabrication drawings with engineering seals ON THE
DRAWING?  They are effectively asking us to break the
law, aren't they - that is if the drawing was
originally created by the fabricator?  There are
plenty of small-time fab shops that have no choice but
to hire an engineer to stamp drawings created by their
in-house people.  And if every engineer followed the
"letter of the law" and insisted on creating their own
drawings on their own letterhead, these guys would be
out of business.

I don't mean to suggest that the law is there to be
broken, but isn't there any room for interpretation? 
These board disciplinary decisions that have been
mentioned make the matter sound so black and white.

Jim Wilson
Stroudsburg, PA

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