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Re: Unlicensed firms and engineers

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Nope, this isn't supervision.  I've had this case in my in my office.  I reviewed the existing drawings and calcs. I felt the calcs were not complete and made some additions, adding some reinforcing for unusual wind cases.  I sent the plans back to the mfr with my calcs and a set of their marked up calcs, after discussing the job with the mfr's engineer (and EIT, actually, was all they had on staff). They made the changes, and I put a cover letter on their set, along with my extra calcs. I made it clear in the letter that I felt the drawings had been prepared in accordance with the code, based on the included manufacturer calculations and the calculations from my office.  The architect and building official both accepted the set.

Engineering is about calculations. Anyone can draw a picture.  Calculations need to be under the supervision of the sealing PE.  Generally, that means the engineering work is - at least - physically co-located with the PE sealing the set.  That is why you can't open a branch office of an engineering firm without a full-time employee PE at the office (at least in Virginia, laws, like mileage, may vary).  Drafters need not be physically present in the office, or in the country.  We get paid for the work that you never see, not the lines on the paper. Construction documents are the way we communicate analysis to non-engineers.  I'm not sure if I can be any more clear.

Kevin Polin wrote:
This is what confuses me, what is your definition of “supervision”?

If an engineering firm creates some calcs and drawings you review them
and have them make a few corrections and add a few additions to the
drawings. Make a few phone calls. Is this considered direct supervision?
You supervised the final drawings. 

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