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RE: Long Beach CA

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You get pulled into enough lawsuits, no matter how frivolous...


And your O/E carrier will drop you like a hot potato!



Even if you’re innocent, the defense costs are astronomical!





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A zero liability judgment is small consolation when you look at the hours wasted and lawyer fees spent.  (man, I'm really getting nothing done today...)

Neil Moore wrote:

Yes, this is true, but most times the structural gets pulled in anyway (and maybe the guy selling lunches during the noon hour).

Neil Moore, S.E.

At 10:35 AM 7/20/2005, Kevin Polin wrote:

True… but isn’t that what insurance is for?
In my Condo we sued, but we sued the construction company for bad work (Leaking pipes, bad plumbing, etc…). A lot of time the engineering is fine it is the construction company where the problem lies cutting corners and skimping on costs.
I know some construction companies their insurance does not cover condos.


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