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RE: Unlicensed firms and engineers

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>>> KevinPolin(--nospam--at) 07/20/05 10:27 AM >>>
>This is what confuses me, what is your definition of "supervision"?

>If an engineering firm creates some calcs and drawings you review them
>and have them make a few corrections and add a few additions to the
>drawings. Make a few phone calls. Is this considered direct supervision?
>You supervised the final drawings. 

One definition of 'supervision' would be who has final control over items that fall into a gray area.  Say the drawings have some details which may very well work but are contrary to my standard practice.  Say the floor framing meets the code requirements but has more deflection than I normally allow.  Will these things be changed or will the original designer squawk about it?

>I don't see anywhere in the code that says they have to be in your
>office sitting at a desk or in a cubicle that is 3 ½ feet from you.
>Better yet what distance constitutes correct.

When I worked in private practice, we actually did require that on one job.  One of our long time industrial clients had prepared drawings for an addition to his church and had us do the engineering.  My boss actually had him come in several times to draw on our CAD system so we could consider that 'direct' supervision.  Maybe that's overkill, but maybe not.  This is different than the typical "plan stamping" in that we did all the engineering but he did the drawings.  I do know my boss contacted for the Engineering and Architectural boards for direction on how to handle this in a manner that would make it permissible for us to stamp the drawings. 

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