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Re: Plan stampers

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In your hypothetical case, the

Jim Wilson wrote:
I guess I'm struggling with what the definitive
illegal offense is in some cases.  I'm straight with
the illegality of plan stamping like the guy from PA
that offered to stamp plans for $9 a sheet, or
whatever it was.  That's perfectly clear.  I'm also
straight with the concept of direct supervision. 
Whether the intent is to ensure that younger
unlicensed engineers are being properly taught, or to
ensure that the stamping engineer is fully aware of
what is in the design, the assumptions, etc., that
aspect is clear.

But is it clear legally if one firm prepares a design
and set of drawings, but needs them stamped by an
outside engineer because the firm doesn't have an
in-house engineer licensed in a particular state?  Any
possibility for direct supervision is out the window. 
By what I've been reading today and have read here in
the past, this is considered an illegal act.  Now, if
that outside engineer does full due diligence and
provides an independent calculation or full check set,
and then stamps the drawings or calcs, has that
engineer acted within the law?  
My guess is the answer is no.  The engineer can stamp his own calcs, and stamp a letter stating that he has reviewed the drawings and finds them in line with common practice, but cannot stamp the drawings. I know I wouldn't - I don't care how perfect it is, it's still not my work.

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