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RE: Bridge/building

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I did a pile takeoff for the east half. 60,000 tons of casings. She’s a biggie!



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$23,000/square foot!?!  Wow!  Is it gold plated?



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I don't know anything firsthand about bridge costs, but I do know that the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge (well, just the east half) is somewhere in your span-width range and is costing about $23,000. a square foot (sic--do the math, beginning with the $6Billion total cost).  And it's not designed for buildings, just vehicles.  And "cheap" wood-frame houses around here can easily cost $300/sf, so commercial buildings would be more. 

I agree with the $1M fee comment. :)

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FYI, since bridges are in the $150 to $200/square foot range and commercial
buildings are in the $150 to $200/square foot range, I thought a
conservative estimate would be to add these and say $300 to $400/square
foot.  Probably closer to the $300 figure because not all of the area could
be covered with building and the "foundation" for the buildings will be the
bridge structure.  I think this is really conservative, but would rather
give them the worst case than to get part way in and find out the job is way
under funded.