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RE: Unlicensed firms and engineers

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"So I am correct as long as you don*t bring it to the attention of BORPELS the city generally is not going to care. It*s a personal decision of the Engineer."

Saying "a personal decision" seems more harmless than saying it is up to them to weigh the odds and consequences of getting caught, which is what the suggestion seems to boil down to.  Most cities that are aware of the issue would care; the question is more one of whether they would notice.  Having done projects in a variety of jurisdictions across the country, I can tell you that the level of information and interest in engineering varies widely and not always predictably by jurisdiction.  One example of a city that did care: I heard of a case a while back that involved an engineer who was called with a clarification quesiton by the city reviewer.  The engineer couldn't explain the design clearly and made some reference to an out-of-state, unaffiliated engineer that he had no control over being at fault for the problem.  I don't know how it turned out, but I understand that the state engineering board was going to have a consersation about the issue.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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