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RE: Bridge/building

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Some resources:
Short/Medium span bridges may hover around $100/SFt but it varys widely as you will see.
WSDOT lists a steel truss bridge unit cost at $160/SFt based on limited data for the 300-700' range.
I'm sure that is quite low these days. How can one speculate any further without a prelim. design/loads/site cond.?
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I'm not so sure about telling someone that the design fee would definitely be less than $1,000,000.  I did not mention that the overall length of the structure could be somewhere around 2000' - just the main span is about 500' and there will have to be numerous approach spans.  The approach spans would not need to be as wide as the main span.
Yes, it is an interesting one.  I suspect that the initial estimate will scare them away, but you never know.
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"Did I read that right, you're going to put the new buildings ON the bridge?  That seem sto fall into the "if you have to ask the price..." category.  If you get an answer off line, don't forget to share it with us. This falls so close to the OMGWTFBBQ line, I'd love to hear the answer you get. I'm not sure whether to be envious or thankful that I don't have that client ;-) " 

 I have to echo these comments.  This is special design/construction here, and I don't think you can even put a "rough guess" on something like this.  If they pester you for a price, ask them how much they have to spend.  *laugh*  If they still refuse, then tell them that it will definitely be under $1,000,000 for your services.  Good luck.
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