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RE: FBC Standards

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A question abt the UBC from a Canuck who has never
had to use until recently.  The seismic requirements
impose a higher lateral force when soil conditions
are poor.  Shouldn't there be some type of increase
for hurricane type forces?  I know there is a danger
of liquifaction in seismic events, but there seem to
be more hurricanes and lots of damage.  Just a
On 20 Jul 2005 at 6:54, John C. Jones wrote:

> If that area gets a hit with a full force wind then it will really be
> nasty.  Ivan did tremendous damage, but I think the winds were only
> around 110 when it came ashore.  These storms seems to sit right off
> the coast at about 140 and then just drop like crazy as they hit that
> shallow water.  I'm mainly speaking to the MS/AL/NWFL shoreline.
> I was in a mandatory evac for Dennis while attending an ACEC meeting
> in Destin.  9 miles of travel in 2:15.  That was fun.
> John
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> Subject: FBC Standards
> After last year's canes that hit the FL panhandle, and after Dennis I
> am sure too, there was media discussion on how that area had lobbied
> hard to get the standards lowered when the FBC was being written. If
> you look at a current wind map in the FBC it does not make sense. Pay
> particular close to the Big Bend region, or the "arm-pit" on the Gulf
> side (only a geographic description), and there are wind contour lines
> that seem to bend a bit, and a big dashed line which means "EXCEPTION"
> to the wind-borne debris requirements. This area also has some coastal
> properties owned by Tallahassee politicians. Just my conspiracy
> theory.......
> The paper said those areas were literally paying the price for those
> lowered standards. It would be nice to see insurance companies lobby
> against the builders and politicians pushing through lower standards.
> It would be a smart investment on their part.
> Andrew Kester, PE
> Lake Mary, FL

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