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Re: Unlicensed firms and engineers

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The original comment was mine, and I don't have a PhD. I do have a heavy-duty background in analysis, and have been accused in the past of analyzing more than drawing. I like to think I've gotten over that. (I began as an aerospace engineer, so maybe that could seem like a PhD to a civil engineer. Oops, did I actually type that out loud?)

I still stand by my comment that the service - as PEs - we're offering is calculation (of which judgment is certainly part). Having worked with some very talented drafters in the past, I can easily say that a good, experienced drafter can detail an efficient connection, given the proper data, with very little input. Those of us (myself included) who do details "without doing calcs" are really just mentally reusing calculations we've done in the past.

(who agrees that detailing a job takes most of the project budget)

Eli Grassley wrote:

Well said.  That original comment is disturbing to me.  Sounds like somebody
that just got their PHD and has never worked on a real project.

~~ Eli Grassley, PE

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