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RE: Bridge/building

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The 60K tons I quoted yesterday was really only the beginning. The piers were set on steel ‘boxes’ filled with concrete. Some of these boxes would be 50’ x 75’ x 8’ deep constructed with 3” thick top and bottom ‘lids’ and 2” thick walls. Each ‘box’ had up to 8 holes through it for the piles to be driven through. The holes in the box were lined with pipe to contain the concrete and each box contained a quantity of 1 ½ - 2” internal stiffeners and after placement, each box was filled with concrete and sealed. Then the piles were driven, most being +/_ 8’ dia, concrete filled with rebar cages.


My takeoff did not include the rebar or the boxes which I’m certain would add up to at least another 60,000 tons.


I don’t have my drawings anymore but if memory serves, the bicycle path out to the island was another 50 million dollars.



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Where was the bedrock - China?  [for the new east half of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge]

I think that's pretty close.  I'm not sure there is any bedrock anywhere near the foundation, just various densities of "dirt."  Nothing like 70' to bedrock like at Ground Zero.