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RE: Can Americans Compete ?

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This is not new news.  
Unfortunately our "news" media is filled with the same "MTV like"
distractions that the article describes our children watch.  
If you were not distracted by the media's dramatization of the scream, you
would have heard this all before from Howard Dean during his primary

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Subject: OT: Can Americans Compete ?
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This is the title of a compelling article by Geoffrey Colvin in the July 25,
2005 Issue of Fortune Magazine.  It is an eight-page summary of the current
and future problems facing the United States due to the ever-increasing
globalization of products, capital, and labor.  Engineering and engineering
education are brought up repeatedly.  It is a thought provoking article that
is a worthwhile read, even for people like me who support globalization.
The solution, if there is one, lies mostly in education.  
Here is a link where you can read the article without buying the magazine.
Don't procrastinate, the link might only remain active for a short while.,15114,1081269,00.html
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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