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Fwd: Usage of Steel in RC Construction

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From: Bhavin Shah <>
Date: Jul 23, 2005 12:14 PM
Subject: Usage of Steel in RC Construction
To: seaint(--nospam--at)

Dear All,

Sub : Usage of Steel in RC Construction

Folllowing shows the questions related to usage of Steel in RC
Construction. Kindly give your views / suggestions regarding the same.

1) Every strucrural engineer desires to design his/her buildings with
a long service life. Corrosion of steel reinforcement is a main
problem. Recently some struuctural engineers claim that mild steel
bars used earlier before the advent of high strength bars were more
corrosion resistant than the deformed cold twisted bars or bars with
temperature treatment. I would like to know if we should use mild
steel bars in preference to high or medium strength bars.


2) Now a days several types of steel are available which claim to
resist corrosion. We have only access to commercial literature of the
manufacturers. Please inform if any studies have been made for these
steels and which one is better to use.


3) For protection against corrosion galvanized bar and epoxy coated
bars are also available. It is said that the difference between
western and Indian practice where the steel bar bundles are dragged
thus damaging the coating should influence the decision in favour of
glavanized bars. Do galvanized bars have a similar problem? Are full
length galvanized bars available from stock?

4)  What should be the reduction factor for allowable bond stree in
case of epoxy coated and/or galvanized bars?



Bhavin Shah
Design Engineer, India.

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