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Re: OT: Can Americans Compete ?

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OK, I am more than willing to try to show how dumb (or smart...maybe) I

On Sun, 24 Jul 2005, Paul Ransom wrote:

> Here's a little quiz that would stump many "well" educated in America:
> Google and other search engines are off limits.
> Since the current "troubles", in British parlance, seem to be about oil ...
> Which country or region provides the most oil/gas (or energy products, in
> current terminology) to the US?

I will say Venezuala (sp?...since I cannot even use to
check it)

> What percentage of US consumption is provided from Saudi oil/gas fields?
> (I'm certain that Pres. Bush wouldn't have to think twice for these ones.)

I will say about 5% to 10% (that would be a WAG...I don't know it
specifically, but know that it is not as much as most would think).

> China has recently announced that it will revise monetary policy and peg the
> Yuan to a basket of currencies rather than the US$, only ...
> With which country or region does the US have the largest annual bi-lateral
> trade?

I want to say either Canada or Central America, but I don't have warm
fuzzies for either.

> How much does the Chinese government hold in US treasury certificates (1 or
> 2 significant digits is adequate)?

$300 trillion??

> Japan's Toyota recently made the spot as number 3 in the Big 3 auto makers
> ...
> From which country or region does the US import the largest number of
> vehicles.

Either Central America or Canada.

> Which company did Toyota displace?


> Recently, 3 people were arrested related to an illegal cross border tunnel
> with one portal in the US. Authorities were stunned by the effort that had
> been expended and the complexity of the project. They suggested that the
> tunnel would be used to move massive amounts of drugs, people and facilitate
> other harm ...
> In which state was one of the portals?

I believe Washington

> How many of the identified 9/11 hijackers entered the US via land routes?

I will guess 2 (WAG).

> Bonus question: How many of the 9/11 hijackers are known to have received
> training or support in Iraq?

I will say either none or maybe 1.

> I was going to add one about the global capacity of oceanic container
> traffic as it relates to US-China trade and the effect of increasing that
> global capacity, or why ICANN is becoming a US based security threat to
> other countries, including friends. But I thought these might be too
> esoteric.

Why didn't you ask the ICANN one...I think I know that one.  Other
countries are starting to consider creating their own "Internets" as they
don't like the fact that the US recently decided NOT to relinquish ICANN
(control of the top levels of the Internet domain name system/network) to
the international community (I believe the intent was for the UN to take
it over at some point).  Other countries are worried about the US
government controlling the "top level" of the Internet in the form of
potential conflicts of national security of those nations.

Don't know the global capacity of oceanic container traffic as it relates
to US-China trade.  <grin>

> To be fair, most of my acquaintances would have a difficult time with some
> of these as well. Education doesn't stop at the school door. However, the
> media in the US is either under-reporting significant international issues
> or blatantly getting the facts wrong.
> Regards
> Paul

Some in the US would say that the media reports more than enough
significant international issues as all US issues are international
issues...after to them, the US is the world!  ;-) many did I get right?  Did I at least "hit the broad side of the
barn" on some?

Adrian, MI

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