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Re: American's GeoPolitical knowledge WAS: OT: Can Americans Compete

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> From: "Mark" <imagineer66(--nospam--at)>

>> I was going to add one about the global capacity of oceanic container
>> traffic as it relates to US-China trade and the effect of
>> increasing that
>> global capacity, or why ICANN is becoming a US based security
>> threat to
>> other countries, including friends. But I thought these might be too
>> esoteric.
> Yes...  At some level of knowledge, it is unrealistic to think that ANY
> general populace will correctly answer the question.

I agree. However, both of these are current issues affecting political
decisions being made in Washington. Both of them will affect the way that
your partner countries will respond to future requests for mutual
cooperation and economic development. Both are related to off-shoring.

Your media is not doing the job if they are not at least identifying this as
more significant than Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch. My original point
was related to life-learning in comparison to formal education. I would not
expect most people to be able to accurately answer all the questions but to
at least have a passing ability to contribute knowledgeably at a cocktail
party or pancake breakfast.

Don't ask me to name 50 US state capitals and their governors, but I at
least know the names of the federal government leaders of the NAFTA
countries (and some guy named Rove who is touted to be President Bush's
brain ...).

To all: Put your pencils down and Google for the answers if you are

By the way this was not intended to be serious beyond being another


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