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RE: Can Americans Compete ?

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Subject: RE: Can Americans Compete ?

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I don't get it.  We know that the problem is the liberal approach to
education with a move away form "Competition of grades" to no one fails (it
is just deferred success).  All the studies, experts show that we have to
have grades.  But we don't.  Why?


How dare you Arvel, make this a political issue? This affects all of us Conservative and Liberal and if, as the state of congress agrees to date, the majority in Washington is conservative, then the blame would lie in the last six years of "All children left behind". 
This is a parental issue, not a political one and each parent who does nothing to promote education in their homes and takes the time to make sure that their children are suceeding are at fault. This is lazy and it is not an issue due to politics since the current theme in education is promoted by this administration.
The truth is that American institutions are losing students to lower cost education outside the United States. Please don't use the conservative ploy "Prove it" as I will make it my goal to spend every moment of my vacation that I am not planning to spend with my grandchildren to prove you wrong. I know this is true as I am well read and am not stuck to one partisanship although I am conservative in some things and liberal in (admittedly a majority) of other issues. Marriage, education and ethics are three of my top conservative issues that I would support and from the position of education, our problem in political but one that has to do with parents and in part the money available in each state that is kept from education and lowering the teacher student ratio.
So what is a grandfather doing with an understanding of this issue - raising my granddaughter and helphing my grandchilren with the problems they face in education. I was brought up to believe that education was important - I wasted my years in High School and most of my college experiences in the 60's and early 70's but at 30 years old I knew that without an education I was going nowhere. Now 25 years later I have a comfortable lifestyle, but am raising my grandchild and am appalled that cuts in the state budget are aimed at education and schools are not hiring teachers that care, but those who look forward to summer vacations when they can have some free time.

So please don't give me this argument against competition for grades - it exists but as an instructor (or prior before the state budget cut) I learned that many students need incentives to succeed and sometimes it is lowering the bar in order to move them along with an incentive to retake the course and do better next time but not to fail the first time.



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