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RE: OT: Can Americans Compete

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5 million Dollars a year?

I am a talented chap from Bangalore and am willing to
accept considerably less than $5 million a year.

Be warned that the only talent I have is the ability
to write even longer e mails than Dennish Wish.
Ask the members of the steel-detail(--nospam--at) e
mail discussion list.

Any ofers?
G. Vishwanath
Ah! but can you type as fast as I. I type as fast as I can think and the unfortunate part of this is that I can no longer write since I write so much slower.
Seriously, I don't wish to offend you - my argument is not with the needs of East Indians or Asians to have work. I am simply not willing to go bankrupt by having to lose my livlihood and be labled by our society as a deadbeat who spent his money friviously and can no longer file bankruptsy to relieve the debt I incurred due to our income being pushed down by labor markets so much lower than ours.
My words of wisdom to you is that if it happens in this country, that your children are not safe. When you develop a standard of living that supplies the comforts you want and the care you deserve, the Dell's, IBM's and many other G-8 businesses in this world will find a source of labor that is much less costly than yours - then they will walk out leaving you wonder how you will repay the debt. Ask the Japanese who in the 80's came into the United States to teach us the Japanese way to run a business and create productive automobile assembly lines. The truth (as the Russians found out) is that the population was promoted to use and establish credit as the cost of realestate and the standard of living rose. It reached a point in Japan where the population became indebted to Visa and the other credit card companies and a small apartment condo ended up being affordable to those who were willing to look at transfering their debt to their children with a sixty or 100 year loan.
The Japanese were no better than Americans, just naive that they had a practice in business that was sucessful when in reality they lacked the debt American's developed since Henry Ford started easy payments when he made automobile payment programs a reality. We still can't alleviate ourselves from this as interest rates are over 20% in most cases except when you use a home improvement loan to pay off debt. But for those who don't know this - the IRS does not allow you to excempt interest from Home Equity loans unless the loans are used to improve your home - not pay off other debt. So you are charged with higher interest.
I wish you in Bangalore could unite with the rest of the worlds working foundation rather than see us as wanting to take away a new growth of income in your country. What is needed is a means to stop greed by investors and the payment of millions if not billions of dollars to CEO's who can live for far less and don't need 70,000 square foot homes like Paul Allen to live comfortably.
Your time will come and then you will join with us against the next resource. Look at Saipan - a commonwealth of the United States who can produce products for Global companies using lower than living wage and on slave contracts with women from India and Asia who are forced into prostitution to pay bace the $5 or $6 thousand dollars that they paid to get to Saipan in order to take the jobs. The issue here is that the United States can claim the goods are made in the U.S. because Saipan is a commonwealth of the US and the law allows this bit of magic to dupe Americans as to where the products are made.


PS: Sorry about the length of my posts - I know this is a problem but I can't seem to cut it short.


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