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Competing with Dennis Wish

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Keep typing at rapid speed!

I read all your posts, irrespective of length.
I was merely kidding.
The opportunity to have a dig at the length of your
posts was too good to miss.

I am a touch typist myself and can type plain text at
70 words per minute with near 100 percent accuracy. 
On my day, I can even reach 80 wpm with a few errors.

As regards the length of your posts, you need not be
apologetic. I am usually brief in this list but
notoriously verbose in another list as the long
suffering members of the steel-detail(--nospam--at) 
list will testify.

I figure that any one who does not fancy long posts
can always stop reading when he has had enough.
Unlike bores at a party, who talk too much and just
have to be suffered by listeners too polite to resist,
we get away easily. We don't even know who stopped
reading half way! Good for us. I am sure we would not
like to know!

I respect your views on outsourcing and its
ill-effects for Americans. May be I too would react
like you if I were at the receiving end. But the
honest fact is  that I am a beneficiary. I had
explained this in a previous long post in response to
yours  about a year ago.

I hope I don't come across as a person who is
"gloating" over this situation. I have many detractors
in the other list and I am accustomed to receiving a
periodic bashing from some members. I had reproduced
Stan's link and even posted the full text of the
article in this other list and right now that has
predictably stirred a hornet's nest.

Some day I hope to visit California to visit my
daughter and son-in-law who live in Sunny Vale.

It would give me great pleasure to actually meet you
and warmly shake your hand. By that time we both would
have retired from our respective professions.

If by any chance you happen to visit Bangalore a warm
welcome awaits you.

Till then, I must be content with exchanging warm
regards by e mail.

G Vishwanath
Hi-Q Design & Detailing Pvt Ltd
Second Floor, Mahavir Tower,
#1, 24th Main, JP Nagar Sixth Phase
Bangalore 560078
Tel: 91-80-30902666 (Office)
Tel: 91-80-26646742 (Residence)
Email: <gvshwnth(--nospam--at)>,

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