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RE: American's GeoPolitical knowledge WAS: OT: Can Americans Compete ?

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On 26 Jul 2005 at 0:20, Mark wrote:

> > -Gary Hodgson & Associates wrote:
> > Sharon & others,
> > None of the 9/11 hi-jackers entered the states from
> > Canada.  This was a falsehood that first arose
> > immediately after the tragedy when certain politicians
> > were looking for someone to blame--Hilary Clinton as
> > recently as a year ago.  Fox News (spelled Crap) and
> > others have perpetuated that lie up to today--it just
> > doesn't seem to die.
> > Gary
> > 
> Ok, I'm always ready to learn new things.  From where did they enter
> and what is the source of this information?
The hijackers entered the US with Visitors Visas applied for and 
received either in the Middle-East or Europe, depending on the 
hijacker.  They then borded regular commercial flights and entered 
through entirely legal means.  I suggest you read the 9/11 Commision 

See also, a letter from current Canadian Ambassador to the US, Frank 
McKenna written to Newt Gingrich after Gingrich repeated the myth 

It should be noted that Gingrich made a public apology after being 
called to task.

> Also, is it truly a lie or simply a misconception that hasn't been
> cleared up?  I know in my case I thought I was speaking/guessing the
> truth.  I seem to have some memory of a picture of at least one of the
> hijackers crossing the Canadian border into NY/NH/VT/ME with the story
> following that he then drove to Portland, Me and boarded a commuter
> flight.

You may have been thinking of Ahmed Rassam who lived in Montreal for 
awhile, then flew to Vancouver to try to cross the border by car with 
a truck full of explosives in 1999.  His intended target was LA 
airport and he was stopped by US border guards.  He has been tried 
and convicted.  Try a google search for the "Millenium bomber".

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